NOT FOR SALE....This is just my hobby.....
Must wait for the Li-Fe battery price lower in the market.

Maximum speed=40mile
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ベスパ スモールフレーム用(50,90,100,125,ET3)の電動コンバージョンキット

Hub Brushless motor High Power ESC Batteries Rear Swing Arm Accel Grip Battery bracket Voltage meter

Version2 Mad Black version: All the batteries under the sheet
バージョン2 マッドブラック:すべてのバッテリーをシートの下に入れました
In this case, the driving is much more smooth

Advantage=CO2=0,Easy Start,No Cratch,No fuel
Disadvantage=Lower Torque,No long distance travel
Now restoring Vespa EV, base vehicle=125 ET3
Logo ELECTRIC! No Fuel No gustank No rear brake hole 12V LED signals